The Purpose of Coffee Enemas

excerpted from The Gerson Therapy Physician’s Training Manual 1.3, The Gerson Institute, p.5

Patients regularly report that coffee enemas provide relief from headaches, pain, depression, disorientation or confusion, (many allergy-related symptoms, constipation), as well as the more general detoxification that gives rise to symptomatic relief.  (The enema solution also stimulates peristalsis, the natural movement of feces through the intestinal tract.)

If you are suffering from a degenerative disease it is virtually impossible to heal without the life saving detoxification provided by the enemas.

When you give the body tremendous nutrition, it will start to cleanse.  If you don’t help it “empty the trash”, you can expect severe headaches or a “foggy” feeling.

Coffee by mouth is absorbed in the (small) intestines, and carried throughout the body by the bloodstream, where the caffeine acts as a stimulant.  The caffeine in the coffee enemas is absorbed in the (descending) colon and then immediately removed from the bloodstream by the liver before the blood is circulated throughout the body.  

Commonly, people who are kept awake all night by one cup of coffee at 4 P.M. can do a coffee enema at 10 P.M., then go right to sleep.  (Do your first enema in the morning or afternoon to see if an evening enema is right for you.)

Gerson’s overall philosophy is that degenerative disease in almost all cases, stems from deficiency of nutrient and toxicity.

Information gathered and researched by Dr. Scott Priebe