The Health Benefits of Coffee Enemas


A common saying in natural health is that “death begins in the colon.” Coffee enemas have been a key tool to cleanse the colon, by many cultures, all around the world throughout history. Organic coffee bean was originally cultivated and used as a powerful liver cleanser by native American tribes.

Hey doc, coffee enemas have a rich history in healing

The ancient Egyptians, Hindus, Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Sumerians have all used colon cleansing techniques such as enemas to improve their health. The ancient dead sea scrolls, which are said to have been written during Jesus day, detail the importance of regular enemas for good health as well.

In the United States, up until the 20th Century, enemas were known to be one of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle. The famed Dr. Kellogg reported to the Journal of American Medicine, in 1917, that in over 40,000 cases of individuals with gastrointestinal disease he had seen remarkable results using a regimen of diet, exercises and enemas.

A warning to all about digestive health issues

Life in the 21st century is extremely challenging to our liver and colon. We are inundated with chlorinated and fluoridated water, chemicals everywhere and antibiotics in everything. Processed foods have very slow transit time and they very often will stick to the sides of the gut and become encased in a mucoid plaque – creating toxic ridges in the colon.

These ridges are incredibly tough to remove and they limit the amount of feces moving through the bowel and provide an optimal environment for parasites to thrive.

When food sits in the colon it rots and putrefies and releases toxins into the bloodstream that make their way to the liver. The liver does its best to cleanse and purify the bloodstream but when the gut continues to release toxins it creates an excessive burden on the body. This eventually leads to a state of disease as the body is accumulating more toxins than it can remove.

How can colon therapies and enemas help me?

Colon therapies and enemas help to remove the toxic mucoid plaque around the colon walls and the elimination of parasites in the gut. They also facilitate better gut mobility and frequency of healthy bowel movements.

Coffee enemas give an added benefit over typical water based colonic therapies by stimulating the liver to produce greater amounts of glutathione. Glutathione is the bodies master antioxidant and helps protect the intracellular DNA and eliminate toxins from within the cells.

Studies, in test mice, have found that green coffee beans increase glutathione production in the liver by 600% and by 700% in the small intestine. The enema is the most potent way to gain these powerful effects because the enzymes of the digestive tract do not interact with the nutrients before they reach the liver. Coffee enemas are known to help individuals with gallstones, liver problems, digestive problems, low energy, autoimmune diseases and cancer. They are used in almost every natural health retreat center, around the world, for their remarkable ability to cleanse and detoxify in a short period of time.

What is the coffee enema protocol?

Individuals with chronic disease often do up to four coffee enemas a day while those who want to live a healthy lifestyle are encouraged to at least do this weekly to reset the colon and filter out any toxic debris that has been stagnant over the course of the week.

Be sure to use organic coffee and boil with pure water – not tap water – for about 3 minutes (uncovered) and then let it simmer (covered) for 15 minutes and let cool. The proper ratio is 3 tablespoons of organic coffee to 1 quart of water. Then pour it into an enema kit and bring to the bathroom. Lie on your right side with your knees curled up and insert the nozzle about 2 inches inside the rectum and let the water begin to flow.

Once all the water enters – you can move around and do some yoga poses if you like. This helps move the coffee around and facilitates better detoxification. Try to keep the fluid in for 12-15 minutes – more than 15 minutes is not advised. This will be challenging and you will have some major urges to let it out faster. If coffee cannot be tolerated due to allergy than one could use a diluted raw, apple cider vinegar or green juice enema. You could also try an organic tea such as green tea or an assorted blend of organic herbs that the individual is able to tolerate. Obviously, if you suffer from a serious health condition, it’s best to find an experienced healthcare provider to help guide you through the process.

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