Health Zone: Get to the bottom of migraine

The Mirror (London, England); 5/31/2001


Migraine sufferers who think they’ve tried everything may find an altogether different cure does the trick — provided they don’t mind taking their coffee in a less conventional way.

As many as 90 per cent of migraine sufferers could be cured by the use of a single, quick “at home coffee enema”, says Charlotte Gerson, founder of the non-profit Gerson Institute in the USA, a nutrition centre specialising in detoxing.

She believes that eliminating toxins and addressing nutrient deficiency are essential to maintain good health.  “The caffeine in the coffee enema essentially dilates the bile ducts in the liver,” explains Gerson.  “This helps the liver excrete toxic products.  Pain, such as migraine, is a sign of body toxicity.”

Drinking coffee, however, doesn’t have the benefits of taking it through the rectum.  Instead it has the opposite effect and constricts the liver’s bile ducts. Strange as the procedure sounds, it has been explored and scientifically shown to relieve pain, according to the UK’s College of Naturopathic & Complementary Medicine.  There have also been numerous studies in the US, showing the effectiveness of coffee enemas for detoxification and pain relief.

How should the coffee be taken?  Charlotte Gerson’s recipe is three tablespoons of drip-ground organic coffee, boiled in one litre of distilled water for three minutes.  This should then be covered and simmered for 15 minutes, cooled to body temperature and filtered before admitting to the colon. 

Enema equipment suppliers and full instructions on administering and enema are available from Bestcare Products, 01342-410505 or email – Gerson Support Group:  01372-81765.