6 Reasons to Try a Coffee Enema

By The 54health Team

So you’re interested in weight loss, but you’ve hit a bit of a plateau in your progress. This is normal, because your body will make metabolic adjustments as you decrease your intake of calories. A coffee enema regimen is a great way to give your system a bit of a wake up call and elevate you to levels of health that you had not thought possible. 

Here are six reasons to give this technique a look.

1. They repair and detoxify your liver.

Do you experience uncomfortable symptoms such as flatulence, bloating and general stomach pain? Your liver may have too much of a burden and may not be working efficiently. Coffee enemas are a great way to help your liver offload its burdens all at once. The coffee and nutrients go right through the wall of your colon into the liver, soaking the toxins that the liver has not yet dealt with, and when you go to the toilet, all of those toxins will come out.

2. They increase your level of energy and give you greater mental sharpness.

Just like with any detoxification regimen, a coffee enema helps you get rid of all of the toxins that are gumming up your bloodstream, hampering your body’s efficient use of oxygen and causing clogs in your intestine. The end result of all of this unpleasantness is a feeling of weariness. The coffee enema is a great way to detoxify, because the palmitates and caffeine signal your body to release bile and wastes, so that they leave your body all at once. Your release is so noticeable that you almost instantly sense an improvement in mood, energy level and mental clarity.

3. They repair your digestive tract and your colon.

A coffee enema doesn’t just flush the toxins out of your system. At the same time, they also leave the helpful flora that should thrive within a healthy digestive tract. If you make these enemas a regular part of your health regimen, you ensure that your whole system stays free of toxic buildup and debris, and you also keep peristalsis happening regularly. This refers to the muscle contractions that get food through your digestive tract, as well as to the bladder and kidneys.

4. They make your system 700 percent cleaner.

Dr. Max Gerson was one of the first doctors to recommend coffee enema therapy as a portion of the Gerson Diet; he was motivated by the fact that the process boosts your body’s production of glutathione S-transferase (GST) within the liver. This is the body’s chief detoxifier, an enzyme that connects to toxins and sends them out of the body when you have an enema. A 1982 research study tested the effects of consuming green coffee beans on test mice, to see how much GST they would produce. Within the liver, researchers found a 600 percent increase, and in the small intestine, they found a 700 percent increase. Because the coffee stimulates the liver directly without going through the digestive system first, the effect is much more powerful than if you drink the coffee.

5. You’ll get rid of the protein rotting inside your system.

The vast majority of the food that you eat goes through your digestive system, which extracts nutrients, carbs, fats and other substances, and then sends the rest to your excretory system. However, the body doesn’t digest everything correctly. Over time, particularly in people who have an unhealthy diet or who suffer from digestive or renal conditions, some of the food that doesn’t digest right ends up lodging in your intestines. The sugars that sit in your digestive tract will ferment, and the proteins will rot or putrify. When these processes take place, toxic by-products appear in your system, which your liver has to process. A coffee enema boosts your bile flow and flushes these unwanted nightmares out of your system.

6. You’ll get rid of a lifetime of toxins in a relatively short amount of time.

The exact estimates vary from one physician to another, but people who use coffee enemas twice a month generally get all of the toxins that they have built up in their system over decades in a year or two. That might sound like a long time, but you’ll start feeling better after your very first one. Also, you spent years and years adding toxins to your system. A chemical that would remove all of those at once would be too harsh for your system. Making this a regular part of your health management program will have you feeling better — and losing weight again!