24 Incredible Healing Benefits of Coffee Enemas


July 18, 2016 by Shae

The smartest and most advanced holistic doctors in the world are using and recommending coffee enemas – and you should too. If you want to completely transform your health and heal your body in a deep and dramatic way, coffee enemas are an essential part of getting there.

There is nothing else in the world that produces the incredible therapeutic effects and life-changing results that coffee enemas do – and it can be done cheaply, easily and safely in your own home.

Many people misunderstand the purpose of the coffee enema entirely – they are not for treating constipation, or even for cleansing the colon (although they have this effect too). They are for detoxification and cleansing the liver.

“Patients have to know that the coffee enemas are not given for the function of the intestines but for the stimulation of the liver.” – Max Gerson, MD

A coffee enema is basically the same as a regular enema, but it has coffee concentrate in it. This coffee concentrate is made from boiling water and ground coffee and it’s retained in the colon for 15 minutes. The caffeine has specific substances that help to detoxify – you can learn all about the sciency HOWS AND WHY COFFEE ENEMAS WORK HERE.

The benefits of coffee enemas can be summed up in this quote here:

“Regular use of coffee enemas help you eliminate a lifetime of toxins in only a year or two.” – Dr. Nicholas Gonzales

Coffee enemas help heal all different types of problems, thanks to the many different beneficial actions they stimulate in the body. Each effect is extremely beneficial, but in combination it makes a powerful healing tool.

“I have recommended coffee retention enemas to more than thirty thousand people. I have yet to hear about horrible side effects of any kind, although the procedure is somewhat inconvenient, especially at first. Most people get used to it quickly. The coffee retention enema is really quite simple, very safe when done properly, highly effective, able to be done in the privacy of your home, and inexpensive.” – Dr Wilson

Coffee enemas are incredible for cleaning out the colon, cleansing the liver, and helping to detoxify the body. It can also help clear up constipation, support the gallbladder and relieve brain fog, headaches, nausea, depression and pain. 

These are just some of the main benefits people have found from regular coffee enemas:

  • boost the liver’s ability to detoxify dramatically
  • increase peristalsis and help the colon empty more thoroughly
  • remove impacted feces and blockages (regular enemas)
  • cleanse the colon, removing toxins, waste products, debris, parasites, bacteria and yeast colonies
  • improves digestion and the gut environment
  • reduces stress
  • reduces brain fog and improves metal clarity
  • increases energy
  • relieves depression, anger (liver) and anxiety
  • relieves headaches and migraines
  • effective and quick relief of constipation

Now let’s take a more in depth look at all the benefits of coffee enemas and why:


One of the main effects of coffee enemas is lowering the quantity of blood serum toxins – they are literally cleaning the poisons out of fluids nourishing normal cells. Lowering blood serum toxins through regular coffee enemas has the following effects on the rest of the body:

  • increases cell energy production
  • enhances tissue health
  • improves blood circulation
  • increases immunity and tissue repair
  • helps cellular regeneration


Most illnesses are cause by two things: toxicity and deficiency. We’re so toxic that our cells can’t function properly, and the toxins irritate the body causing chronic inflammation, edema, etc. Coffee enemas effectively help the body detoxify, while also helping to create a healthy colon and remove harmful pathogens like bacteria, parasites and yeast that get in the way of the body absorbing nutrients effectively.

The body cannot fully, deeply heal while still carrying a toxic load.


This is the MAIN purpose of coffee enemas – they boost the liver’s ability to detoxify dramatically.

Coffee enemas are vital in detoxification and restoring the liver. They remove toxins accumulated in the liver and remove free radicals from the bloodstream.

Coffee enemas stimulate an enzyme system involved in liver detoxification called glutathione S-transferase (GST) by 600%-700% above normal activity levels.

This GST enzyme mobilizes toxins out of cells and into the liver and gall bladder and transfers free radicals (which cause cell damage) to the blood stream, which are then dissolved into bile and excreted through the intestinal tract.

GST is a “master detoxifier” – it’s the most potent detoxifying enzyme in the human body. It literally goes through the body cleaning up free radicals and toxins.


Coffee contains choleretic substances, which means a substance that increase the flow of bile from the gall bladder. Bile is what toxins bind to to be removed from the body.

Bile is normally reabsorbed up to 9 or 10 times before working its way out the intestines in feces. Coffee enemas enhance certain enzymatic reactions in such a way that is doesn’t allow reabsorption of toxic bile by the liver in the gut – making it totally unique among choleretics.

The editors of Physiological Chemistry and Physics wrote that “caffeine enemas cause dilation of bile ducts, which facilitates excretion of toxic cancer breakdown products by the liver and dialysis of toxic products from blood across the colonic wall.”


A coffee enema is held for 12 – 15 minutes, during which time the body’s entire blood supply passes through the liver 4 – 5 times, carrying poisons picked up from the tissues and acting as a form of dialysis of the blood across the gut wall.


The liver is the most hard-working organ in the body, and the most important organ for detoxification and removing these foreign compounds from the body.

Because of the constant onslaught of toxins and man-made chemicals in our environment that our body has not yet adapted to, our liver’s are struggling.

If you have any kind of illness, it’s likely that you’re liver isn’t able to detoxify properly and is struggling to stay on top of things.

Over time, this will cause you to become even more toxic, more inflamed and continue the downward spiral of illness.

The liver is connected to almost all health problems because it’s the body first line of detoxing, and once it’s overburdened you need to consciously work on getting it back into good health.

When you start a healing program or start to eat better, the body’s cells and tissues start to excrete waste products that have accumulated over the years.

The liver has to filter all of these poisons out of the blood, so we need to find ways to help the liver so it doesn’t get overloaded. Coffee enemas stimulate the liver activity, increases bile flow, and opens bile ducts so that the liver can excrete toxic waste and release the body’s accumulated poisons more easily.

Dr Gerson found that without this waste-removing method, the liver wasn’t able to handle the toxic load escaping from the diseased and dysfunctional cells, and could make the liver worse, and in extreme cases could be poisoned.

Dr Gerson even said “A patient is unlikely to die from cancer, but from toxins accumulated in the body.”

Coffee enemas help boost the liver’s ability to detoxify dramatically.


Coffee enemas reduce brain fog and improve metal clarity.

Relief of brain fog is one of the biggest benefits reported by people who do enemas. I know myself that every morning during my sick years, and healing years to a lesser degree, I would wake up with inflammation and brain fog.

It was only when I started doing enemas that I could function normally throughout my day, because my morning CE would clear up the brain fog.

This is likely due to removing toxins in the bloodstream which contribute to brain fog and help you to feel clear-headed.

Increased detoxing also speeds up the duplication of red blood cells, which carry oxygen. This increases the oxygen being carried through the body and to the brain.


Built-up sludge and putrefaction in the body, plus toxins that are interrupting cells functioning normally (and producing energy) are part of what is causing us to feel fatigued all the time.

Coffee enemas are the most powerful and effective way of not only detoxing, but clearing the old sludge in the body and giving a boost in energy and mental clarity that snowballs over time.


While cleaning out the colon isn’t the main aim of a coffee enema, it is a fantastic and important side benefit. Many people these days are dealing with gut issues (including myself), so having something that can help normalise the environment in the colon is extremely beneficial.

Coffee enemas help cleanse the colon, removing toxins, waste products, debris, parasites, bacteria and yeast colonies.

Enemas get rid of debris and toxic sludge in the colon that impact normal bowel function and are the most effective way to clear out faecal compaction from the bowel. This greatly reduces the amount of toxins coming from this faecal putrefaction into the person’s body, and will help you feel more vibrant and lighter.

Many people find that if they get a colonoscopy done, the colon is remarkably clean and healthy looking.


The first discovery of coffee enemas was actually as a pain reliever during World War I. Drugs like morphine were in short supply, so the nurses had the idea that since coffee was helping the doctors, it may help the patients too, and they started putting the coffee in their enema bags.

In 1981, medical journalist Mark F. McCarty wrote in the journal Medical Hypotheses, “At the Senate Select Subcommittee hearing on cancer research in 1946, five independent medical doctors who had had personal experience with patients treated by Dr. Gerson, submitted letters indicating that they had been surprised and encouraged by the results they had seen, and urged a widespread trial of the method including taking coffee enemas. One of these doctors claimed that ‘relief of severe pain was achieved in about 90 percent of cases’.”


Despite what you might read, coffee enemas are actually excellent and hugely beneficial for expelling parasites and getting rid of yeast. It also helps create a healthy environment that is not hospitable to those pathogens, and helps restore balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut.

To get these effects, CE’s usually have to be done repeatedly over a longer period of time, due to the life cycles of the parasites. Many people find that after some time of doing coffee enemas, they start to notice both dead and alive parasites after releasing the enema. CE’s are also a good idea to do along with any parasite killing protocol (like herbs).


Despite fear-mongering about losing the ability to go to the bathroom on your own and becoming ‘dependent’ on enemas – coffee enemas actually increase peristalsis and help the colon empty more thoroughly. Repeated enemas help remove impacted feces and blockages.


Toxins attach themselves to the cell and cause the cell membrane to inflame. This causes a decrease in cellular fluidity – which means that things like nutrients can’t get into the cell, and you’re cell can’t make things like energy (ATP). It also means it can’t get the bad stuff OUT of the cell. This causes chronic and systemic inflammation.

So even if you’re eating an expensive organic diet filled with tons of fruit and veggies, it won’t make a difference if it’s not getting INTO the cell. And that’s IF it makes it past our dodgy digestive systems.

Coffee enemas help by cleaning the cellular fluids of toxins, helping them function normally again so they can let nutrients in and use them.


Coffee enemas actually relax the sympathetic nervous system, that part of our brain which controls our fight-or-flight response – which is counterintuitive, considering coffee is a stimulant. Many people report after doing CE’s that they feel extremely relaxed and calm (the other reaction many people have are detoxing symptoms – it tends to swing between those two).

Possible reasons for this relaxing effect are that CE’s stimulate the two important parasympathetic organs, the liver and the large intestine, nutrients in the coffee, the removal of irritating toxins from the body or the relaxing downward motion of energy – or perhaps a combination of all the above.

You also get 15 minutes of quiet alone time to de-stress!


The skin is one of the main elimination organs, so when the liver gets backed up, the skin has to pick up some of the detox slack and this can show up in a number of different skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, dry skin, acne, rashes, hives and psoriasis.

If the colon is not emptying and releasing toxins properly, the body must still eliminate the poisons somehow, and will go to the next best detoxification organ – the skin. Coffee enema help to restore the other detox systems of the liver and the colon, eliminating toxins fast and efficiently through those channels.


Headaches are usually a sign of blood vessels constricting and can sometimes be caused by toxins circulating in the body, especially during a detox program. Coffee enemas help dilate blood vessels and immediately cleanse the blood of toxins.


Enemas (even plain water enemas) are the most effective and quick relief of constipation. The faecal compaction of constipation creates a breeding ground of rotting and decaying faeces for illness and pathogens, so it’s really important to not let the problem linger. Enemas aren’t a long term solution, but an excellent short term solution.

Research has actually shown that coffee enemas help increase peristalsis, increases blood supply to the colon, stimulates the muscles of the colon, and help to tone the colon wall – all helping constipation in the long term.

Years of increasing putrefaction, toxins and waste matter building up in the colon contribute to constipation and sluggish bowels.

I’ve found that to be true. Before starting CE’s, I had chronic constipation and now I don’t – although there were many other factors to this healing, like improved gut flora, healing leaky gut, my diet etc. But this is evidence they do not worsen the problem.


Although coffee enemas can speed up detoxing and cause detox symptoms, they can also help clear away toxins out of the body and bloodstream fast.

When we start incorporating methods of detox (whether we know thats what we’re doing or not) like juicing, eating whole foods, saunas, herbs etc the body starts releasing toxins from it’s cells into the liver.

Coffee enemas sweep the toxins up from the body and help the liver do it’s detox job, while also making sure that no toxins are reabsorbed on their way out (this is why it’s can be dangerous to do detoxing without CE’s, as toxic bile will be reabsorbed in the gut and cause more damage).


Autointoxication happens when harmful bacteria, yeast and parasites create toxins within the body – mostly their own byproducts (feces) of feeding. A lot of this happens due to the rotting (putrefaction) and fermentation of partially digested food and waste matter that’s not making it’s way out of the body in the large intestines, causing gas, bloating and foul smelling stool (and even if there’s no symptoms, it’s still damaging to your health).

Coffee enemas help from all angles to clear out putrefaction and waste from the intestines, remove toxic byproducts of the harmful pathogenic organisms and over time help to kill off the harmful bacteria, yeast and parasites.


Many people are suffering from dehydration and don’t even know it. Coffee enemas help hydrate the body, as the body will absorb the liquid from the enema if it’s dehydrated (this is why sometimes the enemas don’t release properly).


Coffee contains selenium, zinc, potassium, and other minerals which can be poorly absorbed through the digestive tract but easily absorbed through the colon wall.

Coffee contains powerful antioxidants that prevent oxidative damage in the body. You know when you bite an apple and it turns brown? That’s oxidation, and it also happens inside our bodies, causing health problems.

Many antioxidants recommended today like vitamin C and vitamin E are very “yin” according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, but the antioxidants in coffee are more yang, which is good as most people today are too yin already.


Coffee enemas are great for food poisoning and help release the toxins it has caused, and settle the stomach, giving lots of relief.


Coffee is astringent, meaning that it cleans the surface layer of skin, or in this case the mucous membranes. This is good for healing because the mucous membranes in our colon are often clogged and the top layer is usually loaded with toxins.

Dr. Lechner had found in 1984 that the coffee enema has a specific purpose of lowering serum toxins. His medical report states, “Coffee enemas have a definite effect on the colon which can be observed with an endoscope”.


Coffee enemas are great for celiac disease (personal experience talking here). Coffee enemas have the obvious effects of helping heal the damage done from celiac: help cleanse the colon and change the environment and the gut flora back to normal. They also cleanse the bloodstream of toxins, which celiac disease (and most autoimmune diseases) create with the immune response, as well as the toxins from leaky gut, and from the bad bacteria in the digestive tract.

But the other major way they help celiac disease is when you get glutened. I find a combination of activated charcoal + doing a coffee enema stops a glutening reaction in it’s tracks!